Mouse focus in Wine on non-focused Wine windows

Mark Knecht mknecht at
Mon Dec 15 12:41:40 CST 2003

   Is there a way to have mouse movements & positions not be sent to a Wine
app when the Wine desktop is not the active window?

   I have looked through the online docs and the FAQ but I see nothing about
this problem I'm having. I hope it's just a configuration issue, but I
cannot find much info in the docs about mouse configuration at all. Also, I
have seen this issue under Crossover Office and WineX, but have not had a
chance to check Wine CVS yet, so if it's fixed or a non-issue just let me
know. Thanks in advance.

   Under Windows I have played a game called Caesar 3 for years. Finally
with some help from another wine user, I got it working perfectly (as far as
I can tell) on Saturday using an ebuild of WineX on a Gentoo 2.4.20 kernel.
The game plays well. I do have one problem when the game resolution and the
Wine desktop are not the same size, but we can save that for another email
if it's of interest to anyone.

   Anyway, the way the game works is that it has a play area for building
your city. To move around this play area you drag your mouse to the edge of
the board and the area scrolls inside the window. When playing the game
under Wine, using the first config files I had with WineX and cxoffice that
had "DXGrab" = "Y", the mouse stayed inside the Wine desktop and the game
always worked fine, but I couldn't use the system for anything else unless I
tricked Wine into letting my mouse escape from the desktop trap by using
another window in the background. I then found the "DXGrab" option and
changed it to "N" and I was able to get my mouse out of my Wine desktop and
get email, etc.

   However, even when the Wine desktop and game are not in focus the mouse
position is being fed to the game, so the game scrolls around underneath
while I use items and applications on my desktop.

   How can I configure Wine to not send any mouse position information to
the game when the game is not in focus? Right now I cannot take a meaningful
screenshot since the game area is drifting around all the time.

Thanks in advance,

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