Windows 3.0 apps can't find their files

Julius Schwartzenberg julius at
Tue Dec 16 12:39:40 CST 2003

I'm using the default Wine config, so everything should be set up 
correctly. I just checked it with winefile, and all the directories and 
files seem to be in the proper places. Also in ~/.wine/config all the 
paths seem to be correct.

brett holcomb schreef:

> Many of the old windows programs use an ini file in the system 
> directory or in their own directory.  Usually they programmers dumped 
> all the ini files in the system directory (this caused immense clutter 
> so instead of fixing it MS came out with the mess called a registry). 
> Make sure your C drive is set up correctly in the config file and that 
> you have a System directory under the c:\Windows directory.

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