Wine20031212 and back to 20031118

Vicente Werner vicente at
Wed Dec 17 06:38:34 CST 2003

Hi all,
	When wine 20031118 was out I reported a nasty bug using xnews under it, with 
wine 20031212 the problem has gotten a lot worse so I've returned to 

This was the situation with 20031118:

	With XNews just opened, if you clicked with the mouse on a newsgroup on the 
server window, it didn't work at all. If after you clicked you moved the 
mouse the mouse pointer changed to a form that means you're dragging the 
newsgroup to another position on the server window -this is not the intended 
behaviour-. A workaround was to press escape and use the keyboard and the 
return key to move and select the newsgroup. This worked fine on previous 
versions and no other failures were detected.

And the situation with 20031212

	The bug that appeared with 20031118 persisted, but now xnews was nearly 
unuseable: when an error happened and you happened to be using a different 
window the appliaction died without any posibility to recover. 

Hope someone can help me to fix it

Thanks in advance,
Vicente Werner

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