Problem installing IE 6

James E. LaBarre jamesl at
Wed Dec 17 08:42:57 CST 2003

Ben Edwards wrote:
> Its ironic that people are surprised that I want to run M$ software on a
> email list that is supporting a community that uses a piece of software
> thats sole purpose it to allow people to run windows software ;). 

I think it's more a matter of "why would you run that POS when there's 
plenty of native Linux alternatives which are so much better".  Having 
designed web pages myself, and tested web authoring tools, I would 
automatically see the need to run MSIE under Wine (for that matter, I'd 
want to set up multiple wine profiles for multiple versions of MSIE, 
which can't even be done under Windows).

Personally, I'd question more why someone would want to run MS 
Awful^h^h^h^h^hOffice under Wine <g>.

As I pointed out in another message, far too often you have to install 
MSIE simply to install some *other* app.  I'm just looking forward to 
the time when the Wine project is able to devise a "dummy" MSIE 
configuration which would simply redirect to some native HTML rendering. 
  Add to that some dummied-up substitute for the Internet Control Panel 
in Windows, and all those stubborn apps will blissfully load with nary a 
peep (for that matter, if I could figure out what these apps are 
demanding, I'd hack my 98Lite/XPlite installs of Windows to create a 
fake MSIE there as well).

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