Sound winenas.drv failed to load

Philip Immoos immoos at
Wed Dec 17 17:26:46 CST 2003

Running a LTSP server and Clients system.

On the server using Driver = wineoss.drv (Default) sound is OK but the
client does not work.

Change the flowing section in the config file as the clients use nasd. 

;¨Driver¨ = ¨wineoss.drv¨ ;is default
¨Driver¨ = ¨winenas.drv    ; Is what I want so the sound will work on
                                the LTSP client

On running the app has this error

err:module:NE_LoadBuiltinModule loaded .so but dll winenas.drv still not

Running strace it appers that the file is found and read correctly.

Any ideas.

Using Wine 20031118

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