32 bpp color??

Junk junk at madslab.com
Thu Dec 18 20:29:55 CST 2003

I'm trying to run Unreal Editor using wine. When I start it, an
error box pops up with the header "Critical Error" and the contents
"Editor requires desktop set to 32 bit resolution". My assumption is
that it wants 32bpp color, which is what I'm running. I've tried
setting "ScreenDepth" = "32", but that didn't help. It's a little
misleading, because the screen depth is actually 24 bits even though
it uses 32 bits per pixel. I know I'm running at 32bpp because of
this log line in my X logs:

(**) NVIDIA(0): Depth 24, (**) framebuffer bpp 32

Details of system:

wine 20031118
xfree 4.3.0
nvidia driver 1.0.4496
kernel 2.4.20-gentoo-r9

My current x11drv section of config:

; Number of colors to allocate from the system palette
;;"AllocSystemColors" = "100"
; Use a private color map
"PrivateColorMap" = "N"
; Favor correctness over speed in some graphics operations
"PerfectGraphics" = "N"
; Color depth to use on multi-depth screens
;;"ScreenDepth" = "32"
; Name of X11 display to use
;;"Display" = ":0.0"
; Allow the window manager to manage created windows
;;"Managed" = "Y"
; Use a desktop window of 640x480 for Wine
"Desktop" = "640x480"
; Use XFree86 DGA extension if present
; (make sure /dev/mem is accessible by you !)
"UseDGA" = "Y"
; Use XShm extension if present
"UseXShm" = "Y"
; Use XVidMode extension if present
"UseXVidMode" = "N"
; Enable DirectX mouse grab
"DXGrab" = "Y"
; Create the desktop window with a double-buffered visual
; (useful to play OpenGL games)
"DesktopDoubleBuffered" = "Y"
; Code page used for captions in managed mode
; 0 means default ANSI code page (CP_ACP == 0)
"TextCP" = "0"
; Use this if you have more than one port for video on your setup
; (Wine uses for now the first 'input image' it finds).
;; "XVideoPort" = "43"
; Run in synchronous mode (useful for debugging X11 problems)
;;"Synchronous" = "Y"



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