Still need windows? Windows Messaging Service

John Creegan jcreegan at
Fri Dec 19 14:45:47 CST 2003

First time wine user.  Installed on two PC's both Mandrake 9.2.  At work
as a dual-boot with win2k, at home linux-only.

In both cases I compiled wine from source, the latest release from last
week using tools/wineinstall.  On the work machine I unmounted the
windows partitions before the compile, so in both cases I got a
wine-only install (because it asked and I told it to).

Same problems on both machines.  Notepad works OK (though I had to copy
the fonts from the home machine to the work machine... for some reason
they were installed at home but NOT at work).

When I try to install the Groupwise 5.5 client I get a message stating
that the Windows Messaging Service wasn't installed.  I'm thinking after
reading the archives that if I'd allowed wine to use windows during
compile this wouldn't be a problem.

Similar problems installing Notes client R6 and Office XP as well.

For a start I'm going to rebuild wine and allow it to use the windows
install, just to see what will happen.  Before that I'm going to TAR the
existing dir structure  including my .wine dir so I can go back quickly.

What I've read suggests that wine is still alpha and that it hasn't cut
the ties to windows too much yet.

Is it true that I probably won't get much installed and running in wine
with a wine-only build?

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