Still need windows? Windows Messaging Service

Ivan Leo Murray-Smith puoti at
Fri Dec 19 18:01:47 CST 2003

There is no need to rebuild wine, you can change your configuration using
winesetuptk, a utility for configuring wine.
There actually isn't any need to build wine at all, you can get a prebuilt wine
RPM for linux mandrake from
That's also the location for winesetuptk. If you install wine from an RPM, you
can start winesetuptk from the KDE/Gnome menu under Applications>Emulators>Wine.
The use of windows is a run time setting, you can also set wine to use native
dlls. msvcrt.dll can be very usefull, Microsoft is kind enough to license it
for free, if you want I can let you know how to get it. Lots of software works
with wine without windows, actually wine can only work well with
windows95/98/me, if you have windows nt/2000/xp/2003 it's better to set up a
fake windows partition with wine.


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