Awww...come on... ;-) RE: Mouse focus in Wine on non-focused Wine windows

Mark Knecht mknecht at
Mon Dec 22 10:34:08 CST 2003

Three's a charm? My third attempt to even get a response.

Someone? Anyone? Bueller?


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> Subject: Mouse focus in Wine on non-focused Wine windows
> Hi,
>    Is there a way to have mouse movements & positions not be sent
> to a Wine
> app when the Wine desktop is not the active window?
>    I have looked through the online docs and the FAQ but I see
> nothing about
> this problem I'm having. I hope it's just a configuration issue, but I
> cannot find much info in the docs about mouse configuration at
> all. Also, I
> have seen this issue under Crossover Office and WineX, but have not had a
> chance to check Wine CVS yet, so if it's fixed or a non-issue just let me
> know. Thanks in advance.
>    Under Windows I have played a game called Caesar 3 for years. Finally
> with some help from another wine user, I got it working perfectly
> (as far as
> I can tell) on Saturday using an ebuild of WineX on a Gentoo
> 2.4.20 kernel.
> The game plays well. I do have one problem when the game
> resolution and the
> Wine desktop are not the same size, but we can save that for another email
> if it's of interest to anyone.
>    Anyway, the way the game works is that it has a play area for building
> your city. To move around this play area you drag your mouse to
> the edge of
> the board and the area scrolls inside the window. When playing the game
> under Wine, using the first config files I had with WineX and
> cxoffice that
> had "DXGrab" = "Y", the mouse stayed inside the Wine desktop and the game
> always worked fine, but I couldn't use the system for anything
> else unless I
> tricked Wine into letting my mouse escape from the desktop trap by using
> another window in the background. I then found the "DXGrab" option and
> changed it to "N" and I was able to get my mouse out of my Wine
> desktop and
> get email, etc.
>    However, even when the Wine desktop and game are not in focus the mouse
> position is being fed to the game, so the game scrolls around underneath
> while I use items and applications on my desktop.
>    How can I configure Wine to not send any mouse position information to
> the game when the game is not in focus? Right now I cannot take a
> meaningful
> screenshot since the game area is drifting around all the time.
> Thanks in advance,
> Mark
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