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Mon Dec 22 19:52:21 CST 2003

You might try to post a message similar to this one to wine-devel, and
include the URL where the program may be downloaded and what wine writes
to the terminal when you run the program.  If you have a windows
installation handy (by handy I mean one you can copy dll's from) you can
try running the program with --debugmsg +loaddll and see if substituting
a "native" (one from real windows) dll for one that is being loaded as
"builtin" makes the program work.


On Mon, 2003-12-22 at 13:37, James E. LaBarre wrote:
> So now I've tried my semi-annual attempt to get TaxAct to work under 
> Wine.  I downloaded the 2003 version (standard version is free).  In 
> previous years I would get a message that it couldn't open a file, or 
> couldn't create an empty document, but this year's won't even do that.
> The install, as usual, works fine.  In order to get any dialogue boxes 
> that come up, I'd set up an override in .wine/config to run the app 
> itself in a window.
> Here's where there's something screwy in Wine.  I installed both the 
> 2002 & 2003 applications in a plain wine configuration.  The 2002 
> version runs in a window, and gives me the error "failed to create empty 
> document".  However, if I try the same thing with the 2003 version (same 
> config), it will *not* load it in a window, but will try to run 
> "managed".  Of course, this means I will never see a message.
> I have suspected this problem stems from the app attempting to create 
> it's default data file, which for some stupid reason has imbedded spaces 
> in the name.  I  have attempted to get debug data from it, but have 
> never gotten an answer on *WHAT* data I need to capture, or *who/where* 
> to send it to even if I got a usable trace.
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