Path length dependency

Mike Kost mike at
Tue Dec 23 10:16:54 CST 2003


Thanks for the info and the debugging messages.

I can see the truncation happening, but that's about the point where my
brain overloads. I'll infuse a healthy dose of source code and proceed...


> On Mon, 22 Dec 2003 14:33:21 -0600 (CST), you wrote:
>> I've run across what looks like a bug, so I'm looking for some
>> independent confirmation as to whether it's a Wine problem or a
>> problem with the tools I'm using under wine.
>> If I change the length of the name I'm invoking wine from, it will
>> either successfully or unsuccessfully recognize the file passed in on
>> the command line. For example, if I'm in my
>> /home/mikey/sandbox/temp123/latest/design/designsTop/top/tests/topSelfTest/test1
>> and invoke `wine -- mcpp.exe file.c` with mcpp.exe being on in the
>> wine "Path" declaration, the Dos executable properly recognizes
>> file.c.
>> If the directory name changes to:
>> /home/mikey/sandbox/temp123/latest/design/designsTop/top/tests/topSelfTest/test12
>> the application is unable to determine the path to the file file.c.
>> Subsequent testing showed that either wine or my Dos program is
>> truncating the current path to an arbitrary number of characters.
> According to my old Microsoft Programmers Reference (dating from DOS
> 3.2) paths are limited to 64 characters. That is close to where you run
> into trouble, allowing for long to short filenames and the part that is
> Wine's drive configuration.
> I do not think Wine has this limit as well, most dos functions use a
> limit of 256 chars,  but I could be wrong.
> My guess is that is likely the program that imposes this limit, under
> the real DOS it would not have benefited from longer paths.
> If you want to investigate further, run with --debugmsg +file,+dosfs and
> study the output.
> Rein.
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> Rein Klazes
> rklazes at

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