How to open a doclink file (ndl) without starting second instance of Notes

Steve Pierce spierce at
Wed Dec 24 14:57:04 CST 2003

Newbie question...
I'm running Lotus Notes 6.5 under Wine 20031118 in Red Hat 9 Linux.  I 
would like to tell Mozilla how to open a Notes doclink file (.ndl) 
without starting a separate instance of Notes.  In Windows, you simply 
tell your browser to use notes.exe to open the ndl file, and it 
automatically uses the current (running) instance of notes.exe to open 
the doclink.  Under Linux, telling the browser to use the same command 
that starts Notes causes a second instance to be started.  How do I tell 
Wine/Mozilla to use the copy I already have running?

Steve Pierce

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