Missing LDSHARED in Makefiles; build problems.

jason jac4 at andrew.cmu.edu
Thu Dec 25 07:12:40 CST 2003

I've been trying to build Wine (20031118) on a G4 PowerBook running OS X

The first problem occurs during configure:

checking for XF86VidModeQueryExtension in -lXxf86vm... yes
checking for XRRSetScreenConfigAndRate in -lXrandr... yes
checking for XvShmCreateImage in -lXv... yes
configure: error: /usr/X11R6/lib/libGL.a is present on your system.
This prevents linking to OpenGL. Delete the file and restart configure.

Apparently the presence of the GL static library prevents linking to it...
A bit nonsensical, but easily fixed by moving the file somewhere else.

The second problem, which I haven't figured out how to fix and is keeping
me from building Wine occurs while building libwine_unicode.so, and all
the other *shared* libs as well (checked using make -k, and everything
else links just fine). Here is make grinding to a halt:

casemap.o collation.o compose.o cptable.o fold.o mbtowc.o sortkey.o
string.o utf8.o wctomb.o wctype.o c_037.o c_042.o c_424.o c_437.o c_500.o
c_737.o c_775.o c_850.o c_852.o c_855.o c_856.o c_857.o c_860.o c_861.o
c_862.o c_863.o c_864.o c_865.o c_866.o c_869.o c_874.o c_875.o c_878.o
c_932.o c_936.o c_949.o c_950.o c_1006.o c_1026.o c_1250.o c_1251.o
c_1252.o c_1253.o c_1254.o c_1255.o c_1256.o c_1257.o c_1258.o c_10000.o
c_10006.o c_10007.o c_10029.o c_10079.o c_10081.o c_20866.o c_20932.o
c_28591.o c_28592.o c_28593.o c_28594.o c_28595.o c_28596.o c_28597.o
c_28598.o c_28599.o c_28600.o c_28603.o c_28604.o c_28605.o c_28606.o
-lm  -o libwine_unicode.so.1
make[2]: casemap.o: Command not found
make[2]: *** [libwine_unicode.so.1] Error 127
make[1]: *** [unicode] Error 2
make: *** [libs] Error 2

Inspection of the Makefile reveals that LDSHARED is set to nothing:

LDDLL     =

I don't know why this occurs or how to fix it. If I figure something out
I'll post it here, but does anybody know what's up, or has anybody had any
luck building Wine on OS X?


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