How Can I use my already installes apps in windows 2000 with wine?

Francisco Moreno surferx2 at
Thu Dec 25 10:28:26 CST 2003

Hi everyone!

  I have a functional Win2k installation dual booting with my Slack. I have 
a French Dictionary installed in win2k I would like to run. (Hate to switch 
to win any time I want to study french). I'm now using a wine's binary 
package (20031118-i686-S9.tgz) that I got from the page (I 
installed it edited ~/.wine/config and now it's working with a "Drive C" at 
my directory /home/me/c, well at least I can use wine's notepad and stuff). 
I already installed wine from source (no probs with wineinstall script :) ) 
and got working MS Office (Word, PPt, Excel) and Dreamweaver, but I got use 
to Quanta Gold and OpenOffice and then I erased the foreings.

  I already tried to install the dictionary right over the wine's fake 
windows structure but the installation process aborts (It's not an msi 
problem, the dict don't use MS installer to install), so I want to try it 
from it's windows' installation.

      Binary-package 20031118-i686-S9.tgz
      Slackware 9.0
      Windows 2000 Service Pack 4
      The program I want to run: Collins' Intense Language Office 
French-English Dictionary with pronuciation sounds.

Merry Xmas for everybody!!!

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