Awww...come on... ;-) RE: Mouse focus in Wine on non-focused Wine windows

Mark Knecht mknecht at
Mon Dec 29 08:42:53 CST 2003

> There are cases where an application wants to know where the mouse is,
> even if it is not in the application. For example, in Windows (at least
> Win2K), run Program->Accessories->Accessibility->Magnifier.
> I would guess that there is a problem somewhere in enabling/disabling
> this behavior.

   A problem in my configuration of Wine, or a problem in Wine itself?

   If the problem is in Wine, is there any way a non-programmer can collect
data that will help someone fix it? Or do I just submit it as a bug and then
move on?


P.S. - and thanks to Brett for passing this on to the list. - MWK

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