Several problems

Fabrice DELENTE fabrice.delente at
Mon Dec 29 09:33:42 CST 2003

> I grabbed Wine-20031212-i386-S9nodebug-2.tgz but as I suspected, my system
> isn't exactly compatible: I use XFree 4.2 while the package relies on XFree
> 4.3 so I have an incompatibility problem with I don't feel
> like recompiling X right now... sorry ! :^)

Ok, I got over my laziness and downloaded the X server source, built it and
installed it.

I couldn't use the Wine prebuilt binary package because OLE32something.DLL
complained of an undefined symbol (XCreateImage if I recall correctly) in

So I recompiled the CVS version of wine; and I'm happy to say that now,
Baldur's Gate II works again ! Furthermore, I reinstalled Icewind Dale to
check it and it works too (up to now, I've just created a character and made
a few steps outside the inn at the beginning of the game - Icewind Dale had
stopped working after installing 'Heart of Winter' and 'Trials of the

However, to make Icewind Dale work, a couple of things:

* I had to copy DPLAYX.DLL from Windows and tell wine to use it natively
instead of builtin;

* there is an unhandled exception when 3D acceleration are set 'on';

* there is an unhandled exception when there 'SoftMirrorBlt=0' in
incewind.ini; it should be 'SoftMirrorBlt=0'. The same problem happens with
Baldur's Gate where, when 'SoftMirrorBlt=0' is kept in the ini file, wine
locks up outputting tons of 'something_MIRRORLEFTRIGHT' (DirectPlay problem
I suppose).

See you.

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