error while starting up Excel (wine cvs)

motub at motub at
Tue Dec 30 04:25:59 CST 2003

Nirmal Govind wrote:

> Thanks for your suggestions Ivan..
>> Try making a new config with winesetuptk
> Tried it but that didn't help.. same error...
>> Also try using a fake windows partition, and install excel with wine
into the
>> fake win partition.
> Tried this and this seemed like it might work but Excel setup wants to
install System components (says it needs some web browsing stuff) or so
and when it tries to do that off the CD, it complains that it can't find
a file called OSP1.CAB on the CD.. I tried two different Office XP CDs
and neither of them have this file.. moreover, I installed Office on my
windows partition just fine (of course, then the Office installer didn't
have to install the System components)..  also tried installing IE6 on
fake_windows but that quit saying the installation is incomplete and
basically didn't install anything..
> Any other tips?
> Thanks,
> nirmal
Nirmal, if you have Office installed correctly on a Windows partition,
have you tried running those already-installed programs with Wine? If
you just need to use Office, rather than test Wine, it often helps to
set priorities ("how can I get this program to run?" rather than "how
can I get this program to install?"). People often forget that programs
do not necessarily need to be installed under Wine to be run by Wine.
You could also try copying "C:\Program Files\Common
Files\InstallShield\Engine\6\Intel 32\IKernel.exe" (and anything else in
the folders) to your fake_wine Program files directory (with the
relevant subfolders) and try installing again, if you really want to get
Office "installed" under Wine, rather than just running.

My understanding is that Office should run under regular Wine (though
perhaps it runs better under Crossover Office), whether or not it
installs there-- but I don't use MS Office, so I can't speak from my own


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