error while starting up Excel (wine cvs)

Nirmal Govind nirmalg at
Tue Dec 30 14:59:05 CST 2003

> the rating for excel xp isn't good at all, I think your only hope is probably
> crossover office, it runs office xp out of the box, but it isn't free.

I just installed the trial version of Crossover Office.. totally 
amazing... it's quite interesting - the point at the Office 
installer quits while installing the system components using wine, 
the setup using Crossover doesn't.. it installed fine and I have 
Excel/Word/PPT running fine.. and somehow it seems a lot faster than 
what it is on Windows or Mac..

Oh the reason why the install using wine quit saying it can't find 
the OSP1.CAB file on the CD was since the cdrom wasn't mounted with 
the unhide option.. Crossover figured this one out.... hopefully 
this will save someone else the same trouble.. (of figuring out the 
unhide option)..

> Openoffice may be a solution for you, it comes with most linux distros and is
> compatible with office xp, also see

Yes, I've been using Openoffice for a while now... there are some 
things that Openoffice can't do (in addition to some issues with 
compatibility), for example, adding a trendline to a curve and 
showing me the equation for the fit and the corresponding R^2 
value.. but it's free software (and it's great for most purposes) so 
I can't complain and hopefully Openoffice will get there someday.. I 
only use the spreadsheet since most of my document editing is done 
in LaTeX/LyX...


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