WINE License question

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Wed Dec 31 12:47:17 CST 2003

As many should know, WordPerfect Office 2000 for Linux [WP2K4L] uses Windows executables 
and a special version of WINE [Corel-WINE].  When you purchased WP2K4L it not come with a 
copy of the source code.  Instead, they chose to offer the CVS tree on their server for 
free downloads.

Now with Glibc > 2.3.1 Corel-WINE no longer works.  To fix this, I need the source code. 
So, I asked Corel for a copy of the source code and their only answerer so far was:

> Hello James,
> the source code is no longer available.

It appears to me that under the license for WINE that they are legally obligated to 
provide me with a copy of the source code.  Is that correct?

WINE currently uses the LGPL.  Does anybody know for certain if Corel-WINE was distributed 
under the LGPL or the old WINE license?

Note that they originally chose to provide a CVS server rather than distribute the source 
code with their product.  I guess that this is OK under whichever license, but it appears 
to me that this obligated them to keep the CVS server available, basically forever.


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