No support for german keyboard

Zbynek Burget zburget at
Thu Feb 6 07:12:32 CST 2003


I've the some problems, but with Czech keyboard driver  :-(
I was asked it on this list, but without any effect...

Zbynek Burget

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Subject: No support for german keyboard

Hi there,

I try to run an educational software called Lernwerkstatt under wine.
After quiet some problems installing it, I find a new problem:

o there is a login-window which expects input - no surprise.
o our login is "schüler", a popular name in Germany
o but, the login-window is not accepting any special keys. The programm
itself of course does, it is developed in Germany and functions
perfectly under

The question is, is there any possibility to tell wine which
character-set, keyboard setting, country coder or anything what might
help at this point to use?

thank you in advance for any help or hints

Peter Barth
barth at

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