--no decent fonts

Mark Knecht mknecht at controlnet.com
Thu Feb 6 12:00:36 CST 2003

>  Mark;
> Sorry,  I haven't spent very much more time looking for the actual cause
> of this problem. AFAICT it is a problem with the ~/.wine/config file not
> being installed right.
> Phillip:
> Did you install from tarball or RPM/appget?
> For me the fix was
> make clean
> ./configure
> ./tools/wineinstall
> --
> Tony Lambregts

   Don't feel the least bit bad about it. My real interest (at that time)
with Wine was that Jack audio support had just been added and I wanted to
see if a specific Windows audio application (Acid Pro) that I love to run
under Wine. I could not get Acid to install at all, nor actually could I get
any sounds at all through the Jack interface, so Wine didn't look like it
would help me very much in my music work under Linux. It's just not ready in
the multimedia area for prime time, as they.

   I am using Wine to run Quicken 2001 successfully. There is only one
problem that I wish I could solve there, but I asked here and got only one
question back as a reply, so I guess I'll just struggle along with it the
way it is for now.

   Thanks again for remembering we were even looking at this. You're a big
help to people, and if we don't say it enough, we should acknowledge your
efforts here. I'll continue to read along here for new and interesting
developments. Maybe one of these days Wine will be up to really replacing my
Windows machine more completely.


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