Winlib, winebuild and linux shared libraries questions

Paulo de Carvalho plc at
Fri Feb 7 05:03:59 CST 2003

Taken from winebuild man page:

"winebuild generates the C and assembly files that are necessary to 
build a Wine dll, which is basically a Win32 dll encapsulated inside a 
Unix library."

	My question is:
		Can this "Wine dll" be used from a standard linux program? That is, 
can I use the exported functions in this "Wine dll" from a standard 
linux program?


One thing I've noticed is that, after using winemaker, one of the 
created files is a <targetname>.so file, a linux shared library.

	Another question:

		Is this <targetname>.so file, the "Wine dll"?

Thanx in advance!
Paulo L. de Carvalho

PS: Forgive my english...

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