MS Word 97 questions

Geoffrey Prewett prewett at
Sat Feb 8 19:55:35 CST 2003


I recently was delighted to find that Wine runs MS Office and have been
using it for a while.  I have noticed a couple of problems
and was wondering if any of you had any suggestions.  When using Word 97
the bullet in bulleted lists shows up as a box, presumably indicating that it
can't find the character in the font.  The only reference I can find to this
problem is a CodeWeaver's bug report
which ends with the problem appearing to be fixed in CrossOver Office 1.2,
but no statement of what the problem was.  I did try the trace that was
suggested, but it wasn't very revealing.  Looking at the PostScript code it
looks like the MT Extra Regular font is actually used to display the bullet,
but I do have the font on my system.

I have also noticed that cut and paste doesn't work, giving an out of memory
error (I'm assuming this is some function that's unimplemented).  Moving
text by dragging appears to fail silently.

This is all on a system with Debian unstable, Athlon 750, and wine 20030115.

Thanks for any suggestions, and problems aside, I have been quite impressed
with the functionality of wine!

Geoff Prewett

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