Winlib, winebuild and linux shared libraries questions

Paulo de Carvalho plc at
Tue Feb 11 09:43:42 CST 2003

Before continuing, let me thank you for your very enlightening answer.

whitnl73 at wrote:

 > A winelib program or dll can use either windows C runtime
 > (if it imports msvcrt/mfc42 or crtdll) or *NIX C runtime
 > functions if it doesn't.
 > Winelib programs can import from files (or
 > windows native dll's, depending on ~/.wine/config for each
 > dll/application);
 > a can import from other files.

	I see... So, only Winelib apps/dlls are allowed to link with 
files... Is this because the initialization code needed to setup the 
Windows 'environment' expected by Windows DLLs?

	If so, is it possible to "turn" a Linux shared library into a Winelib 
app/dll by inserting that initialization code in a _init 
function on a shared library?

	As you may have already noticed, what I'm really looking for is a way 
to develop on Linux without linking (directly, at least) with wine 
libraries. So I was thinking in building a linux shared library to wrap 
this initialization code. Is this possible? Or am I day-dreamin'?

Something like this:

Linux program      Linux .so "winelib bridge"        Windows Dll


do_it()   --------->   ( _init() )
(...)	             GetProcAddress()
                          do_it()      -------------->  do_it()

 > One thing I've noticed is that, after using winemaker, one of the
 >> created files is a <targetname>.so file, a linux shared library.
 > A linux shared library in file format, but not in content.

Everything is starting to make sense, now! :-)


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