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Tue Feb 11 11:55:46 CST 2003

On 10 Feb 2003, da Black Baron wrote:

> I'm a brand-new WINE user.  Just installed my very first copy, and I'm
> ready to go... Only thing is, when I try to start WINE, it complains
> "File .wine/config is not a valid REG file"...?
> I tried creating one from scratch, using emacs, and I got that error.
> Figuring I must have done something wrong, I copied the sample config
> from the documents dir, and changed the applicable variables (also in
> emacs) and tried again.  Still the same error.

That should be enough, unless emacs does something funky with the first

I use
[mkdir ~/.wine]
cp <wine>/documentation/samples/config ~/.wine
joe ~/.wine

Substitute the path where you put the wine source tree for <wine>.

any text editor should do, but don't change the first line.  Oh yes, you
(or wineinstall or something) must create that ~/.wine directory first,
or the cp I used above will create a _file_ ~/.wine
> Am I missing something here?  Should this file, like fstab, be only
> edited in something like vi?  Any help/ideas would be appreciated.
> Thanx in advance, and once again, hello, all!


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