building font metrics and Java

Marc Williams marcw at
Sat Feb 15 09:28:25 CST 2003

I have a question about Wine's font handling.  I am experiencing
behavior in Wine that I don't believe is normal.  At the very least, it
is not desirable.

Ever since the first time I installed Wine over a year ago and up until
the present, I couldn't figure out why Wine would, seemingly at random,
decide it had to rebuild the font metrics when starting a Windows app. 
And this takes a fair length of time on my older machine with quite a
few MS fonts installed.  Sometimes, I would go a week or more without it
having to rebuild the font metrics; other times it would be almost after
every reboot.  I couldn't figure out a pattern.  Until this morning.

It seems to be Java related.

Here's the sequence of events that will cause Wine to rebuild the font
metrics for me.  This is repeatable every time:
1) reboot
2) start a Java app - just starting the java console will do.
3) close the java app - the JVM process will still be running
4) start a Windows app in Wine
5) take a nap while the font metrics are built.

So here's my question:  Is this normal?  Can anyone else reproduce
this?  If not, what could be causing this or what could I be doing

Here's some current specifics:
RH 8.0 with all updates
Wine version 20030115 built from source
Sun's JRE v1.4.4_01
The java dir is in the PATH and the JAVA_HOME env var is set.
(Also happened with RH 7.3 with earlier Wine and Java versions but I
hadn't connected the dots back then)

Everything seems to work fine: Wine, Java, etc.  It's just this frequent
font rebuilding that drives me crazy.  All help greatly appreciated.

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