Yet unanswered questions (PLEASE answer)

dkopko at dkopko at
Tue Feb 18 16:56:54 CST 2003

Is there any way to test whether or not Wine can "see" accelerated GL modes and
use them properly?  Wine (cvs 02052003) seems to crash for me whenever I try to
switch to accelerated OpenGL mode in the game Grim Fandango, so I was wondering
if there is a quick test script or something to try to show me that what I
compiled can actually do OpenGL acceleration with no problem.

Secondly (and maybe relatedly), I am using an nVidia card.  I've read in
wine-devel about some problem with nVidia's gl.h header file being
proper/improper or something.  So what's the official step-by-step to getting
this working with nVidia cards?  Should I be using the nVidia headers or not,
and if so where should they be?  Or is OpenGL acceleration not working on nVidia
cards a known problem?



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