Config Issue?

Fabian Cenedese Cenedese at
Wed Feb 19 03:47:28 CST 2003

>I am a newbee, but please take pity. I'm running WINE from inside SuSE. I 
>really want this thing to work. I can load Solitaire with wine. Every other 
>program I try opens the terminal window for about 2 seconds and then window 
>shuts down. i've tried editing the config file for every combination I can 
>think of. I've moved program files from the windows partition to the 
>fake_windows directory in the LINUS partitrion.  Nothing seems to work. 
>Any ideas?

Don't try applications wildly. Take one you want to succeed and then start
investigating. Is the wine installation ok? Can Windbg run? Do you see any
FIXME messages? If you have a suspicion of what it could be you can do
traces of the respecting channels, see manual for that. If you find something
that needs to be done or if you have questions you can ask here or start a
bug report.

bye  Fabi

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