Paul McNett p at ulmcnett.com
Wed Feb 19 11:28:14 CST 2003

On Wednesday 19 February 2003 08:39 am, Luis Ulloa Bonilla wrote:

> I am trying to run an Visual Basic application in WINE
> That application needs to connect to an MS SQLSERVER.
> Do anyone has a clue about how to connect to a MS SQLSERVER without using
> ODBC or how to use ODBC inside WINE

I have successfully set up ODBC in Wine, to run a Visual FoxPro application 
connecting to a MySQL backend.  Here is what worked for me:

I couldn't use the builtin ODBC32.DLL.  No matter what I tried, Visual 
FoxPro would return a Stack Overflow error.  What I did instead was to 
download and install MyODBC version 2.5x from http://www.mysql.com.  I know 
you are going against MS SQL, but you need to get ODBC installed and MyODBC 
will do that - it will install MS ODBC circa 1996 or so and it runs fine in 
Wine but you'll need to have Wine configured to run as nt40, win2k, or 
winxp.  After you get that installed you can do a "wine odbcad32.exe" to 
configure your DSN's, and you can probably manually install the MS SQL 
Server driver.

Again, ODBC works fine for me in Visual FoxPro, using the native ODBC32.DLL 
as installed by MyODBC 2.5x, as well as the native OLEAUT32.DLL.  

For Visual FoxPro, the pertinent settings in ~/.wine/config are:

"Windows" = "nt40"
"ODBC32" = "native"
"oleaut32" = "native"

I've never tried this in Visual Basic but hopefully this post will get you 
closer.  Good luck!

Paul McNett - p at ulmcnett.com
Hollister, California, USA

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