Modal msgbox (game installation problem)

Sylvain Petreolle spetreolle at
Sun Feb 23 15:23:34 CST 2003

The Wine troobleshooting guide isnt what im refering to.
Please read this document, especially chapter 6.2, it gives what
information to give to make a complete bugreport.

PS : 
the "modal msgbox" is a very common message and can be ignored in every

 --- Roger Young <r.young at> a écrit : 
> Well, thankyou, but this doesn't help very much. I have already been
> through most of this checklist. I did find some correspondence from
> about a year ago on a similar issue, however as far as I could see 
> there was no resolution. I have not been able to get the search
> feature of the Wine Troubleshooting Guide working for me, if that
> is what you are referring to...but I have been through all the
> items of the Guide and not found any relevant information. 

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