VirtualDub and enconding with DivX, XviD

Waldeck Schutzer schutzer at
Sun Feb 23 15:36:31 CST 2003

Hi Stephan,

I've been sucessfully using VirtualDub for video editing and audio/video 
reencoding using either DivX or Xvid. I use Xmpeg45 for mpeg to avi 
conversion, which also works under Wine, but requires a small patch of 
mine if you want to use YUY2 or YV12 (otherwise it will probably crash 
in ddraw). My setup is the following:

- RedHat 8.0
- Wine - latest cvs, no Windows
- Virtual Dub 1.4.10
- Xmpeg 4.5
- DivX 5.0.2
- Xvid 2.1
- Only necessary codecs are listed - I've found that some (unused) 
codecs would cause Wine to crash
- msvfw32 not listed in the config file (I assume Wine is using the 
buitin version)


Stephan André Schmidt wrote:

> Hello,
> I am trying to get the latest wine (Wine 20030219, fake windows) 
> working with the
> GordianKnot (0.27). Unfortunately, Virtual Dub is not be able to 
> compress a
> avs-file with the DivX-codec. It crashes if trying to. Also, it would 
> be nice to compress an
> mpeg-source with Xvid but also it crashes.  BTW, VirtualDub does
> not list it in its codecs window íf  "msvfw32"  is set to "native, 
> builtin".
> Does anyone have experiences getting VDub working (compressing) with the
> mentioned codecs?
> Bye,
> Stephan
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