whitnl73 at whitnl73 at
Wed Jan 1 17:33:06 CST 2003

On Sun, 29 Dec 2002, Nookie wrote:

> Hi :)
> I installed TWAIN drivers for my scanner under wine ... everything done
> with success, next I installed IrfanView ... everything done ... but when
> I want to choose TWAIN driver in IF it says that it can't find driver. Is
> there any solution? Wine doesn't support TWAIN or maybe its IrfanView
> problem?
> Greetings,
> Nookie
No, Wine doesn't support native Windows hardware drivers.  Wine works
the hardware through the host OS (FI linux) so hardware drivers must be
linux drivers or wine builtin dll's.  Feel free to reverse engineer the
driver and write a wine builtin and send patches to
wine-patches at


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