Newbie Questions

Fredrik Persson frepe at
Mon Jan 27 09:37:38 CST 2003

> I am fairly new to linux and wine as well.  I was wanting to install
> another version of wine but i need to uninstall the first one i got.  I
> know how to do this if it were an RPM but its not it was a tgz file that
> i had to build and install myself how would I uninstall this.

I think that if you go to the directory where you compiled the source and did "make install" and instead type "make uninstall", you'll remove the files and set your system back to pre-wine status.

Although if you just want to try another version, you can untar the tarball, and then do

./configure --prefix=/path/to/temp/wine/new/version/directory
make install

That way you won't have to remove your old setup.

/Fredrik Persson

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