Handling conflicting keyboard shortcuts

Paul McNett p at ulmcnett.com
Mon Jan 27 11:42:06 CST 2003

On Monday 27 January 2003 08:06 am, Emiliano wrote:

> Paul, could you install vfp on Wine ? what version of vfp ?.
> I'm trying to install vfp 6.0 without succes...( well not try to much
> )   )
> Please let me know how do you installed.

Yes, I have all versions of VFP from version 5 to version 8.  You need to 
have one of the latest builds of Wine, or apply the patch: 
http://cvs.winehq.com/patch.py?id=7029 which fixes a mouse click issue.  
Don't install VFP, as there are some dependencies that will fail.  Instead, 
install to a Windows computer and then copy the program directory and all 
subdirectories over to your fake-windows directory on your Linux box.  

Here's the config file overrides:

;; Visual FoxPro Entries:

;; VFP5:
"Windows" = "nt351"

;; VFP6:
"Windows" = "nt351"

;; VFP7:
"Windows" = "nt40"

"oleaut32" = "native"

;; VFP8:
"Windows" = "nt40"

"oleaut32" = "native"

The native oleaut32 for versions 7 and 8 are necessary because otherwise the 
_vfp system object doesn't get created.  There are resize problems with 
forms other than the main vfp form.  File and record locking doesn't work.  
WAIT WINDOW displays the text and then covers the text with the background 
color.  You'll want to run VFP on a separate workspace and not dock your 
command window or properties window.  After you start vfp you'll want to 
switch to another app and then switch back to vfp to activate the cursor.

Good luck.

Paul McNett - p at ulmcnett.com
Hollister, California, USA

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