MIDI configuration

Tor Einar Toennessen eitoenne at online.no
Thu Jan 30 21:33:17 CST 2003

Sylvain Petreolle <spetreolle at yahoo.fr> writes:

> I would know what is needed to get MIDI playing into wine.
> I know I must have a card that supports it :).
> Must I change something into the registry (I have read the docu but it
> doesnt help), into .wine/config ?
> Do some drivers have to be loaded ?
> Has someone a small/big application to test it ?
> Thanks.

First of all you need a driver that supports midi. Some of the OSS-drivers 
does not support midi.
I have a Soundblaster Live Platinum, and AFAIK the OSS (kernel)-driver does 
not support midi.

AFAIK this is true for all SB Live cards.

If the kernel-driver for your card does not support midi, you'll have to 
check out ALSA ( http://alsa-project.org ).

There are two series of ALSA-drivers 0.5 (which is now considered deprecated) 
and 0.9.  AFAIK 0.9 is now at RC6-level.

ALSA has OSS-emulation at kernel-level, by the way.

You might also have to get a utility to load soundfonts into your card. 
For SB-cards you can use "sfxload", which on debian is in package "awesfx".

After this I would test with a native Linux-application. The ALSA-pages 
has links.

When it comes to wine, midi support is only available in the OSS-driver 
( that would be wineoss.drv ). So make sure that one is selected in the 
wine-config.  AFAIK only midi-out is supported (but that is probably
what you want).

As a Windows application to test with, I would suggest JAZZ++ 
( http://jazzware.com ).
This is an OpenSource sequencer , which is available for both Linux and 
It uses wxWindows, so you should be able to build it with debugging-info 
too, with a free compiler ( MinGW32 ? ).

If you give me more details about your card, I can probably help you more.

Tor Einar

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