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Tue Jul 1 00:42:57 CDT 2003

Duane Clark wrote:

> Shachar Shemesh wrote:
>> Duane Clark wrote:
>>> I do understand the aversion to scripts, but the wineinstall one is 
>>> fairly mild. I've been using Wine for more than 3 years and have 
>>> even done some development on it (I wish I had more time for that... 
>>> sigh). Still, if I want to test with a clean install, I delete or 
>>> move the old windows and .wine directories and just use wineinstall 
>>> to create fresh versions. Because, well, it just works so well and 
>>> is a lot easier than doing the configuration by hand.
>> My beef with wineinstall is that there is no way to isolate the 
>> configuration creation part from the install part. I think we should 
>> have a script that does only the configuration, fake root and 
>> registry creation. This way, the script can be bundled with the 
>> package and placed on the destination machine. such a script should 
>> be runnable without the sources dir (maybe by specifying the location 
>> of the template registry and such via command line, maybe created by 
>> ./configure).
>> This way, the order CAN be "./configure, make depend, make, make 
>> install, createconf" for normal install. Packagers can then do 
>> "./configure --templatedir=/usr/share/wine --prefix=/usr (etc) && 
>> make depend && make && TMPDIR=/tmp/winerpmroot make install", and run 
>> "createconf" from the "postinstall" section of the RPM sort of thing.
>> Opinions?
> It sounds like you are looking for something useful for binary 
> distributions. I think that wineinstall would normally only be used by 
> someone who is downloading and installing their first source 
> distribution. 

Not entirely true either. I often find myself seeking to restore the 
config. Also, what about someone who downloaded the sources and 
installed wine system wide, and then wants to enable wine for a second user?

> So I think wineinstall is appropriate for that.
> For binary distributions, I think a GUI tool is more appropriate. And 
> there exists a tool, winesetuptk, for that purpose. It is a long time 
> since I tried that tool, but as I recall, it was fairly easy to use.
I disagree, even had I been looking for something useful for a binary 
distribution. A GUI tool would be the worst solution possible. 
winesetuptk is excellent for an end user trying to tweak his own 
configuration. Something that runs while rpm -i (or dpkg -i) cannot 
depend on GUI, for it would prevent it from running while installing the 


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