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Thu Jul 3 09:52:27 CDT 2003

I have searched through the faq
And I have found nothing about getting the cursor to display.

The back space delete issue I did find lots of information on how ever I
found nothing about being able to remap the cursor keys in order for
them to send the same codes that they would send if I was on a windows

Since I do not have access to the sco box I need to make the changes on
my workstation. Hence why I was looking at wine to run or standard
terminal emulator.

If you know of a way or can point me at some information on how to remap
the cursor keys / Function keys / ctrl key then I would be very thankful
or if you could point me to this faq you are speaking of that has the
info for the cursor issue in wine.

Thanks again.
Paul Kraus

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This is a common FAQ, and if you search for BACKSPACE DELETE on google
will get all kinds of information on how to handle backspace problems in

Unix, and it is dependant on the term type, and the applicaiton.

On July 2, 2003 04:56 pm, Paul Kraus wrote:
> I am using a program by called tiny term.
> it allows me to connect to are unix system and run are main software. 
> There are two problems. The first ansi charaters are not being 
> displayed correctly (scoansi) the second and this is the big one. I 
> can not see the cursor. Since i have to write code on the server you 
> can see how that could be a major issue not knowing where the cursors 
> at. Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated.
> I have tried to use unix terminals to connect but then backspace 
> delete don't work correctly or return new lines. The arrow keys do not

> work either.
> Thanks In advance.
> Paul Kraus
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