Clarification of errors needed

Sylvain Petreolle spetreolle at
Thu Jul 3 21:51:35 CDT 2003

Hi John,
You have various problems here.
"Could not stat ..." shows you didnt customize your $HOME/.wine/config
file to match the drives you have on your system. You can diable them
if you dont want access to it.

> KERNEL32.dll.FindActCtxSectionGuid imported from F:\ole32.dll,
> setting
> to 0xdeadbeef
and so one come from functions that havent been implemented yet.
You can try to use native dlls, but for some cases like kernel32.dll
you cant do it and must wait for an implementation of it.
You final error in the debugger show that one of these functions has
been called, making your app crashing.

 --- John McKee <jmmckee at> a écrit : 
> The following are the error message produced when I attempted to
> install
> software for a video capture device.  The messages are similar to
> message I have received attempting to install other programs that I
> did
> want to install.  The system this is running on is RH 7.1,
> wine-20030618
> Can somebody advise me on how to address the various messages?

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