Various problems- it just gets worse!

Tom Barnes-Lawrence tomble at
Mon Jul 7 14:27:23 CDT 2003

NB- I'm leaving the list now, I'm not really getting anywhere further;
so if something else turns up on this subject, please CC it to me.

On Mon, Jul 07, 2003 at 07:27:17AM -0700, Paul McNett wrote:
> Yes, one wineserver per ./wine directory. That is something I 
> had to learn the hard way as well. I actually haven't seen a 
> case where the wineserver didn't die automatically, but what 
> can happen is that a given application will release all its 
> windows but not quit, leaving that stray process plus the 
> wineserver. Killing the last process usually takes the 
> wineserver with it a couple seconds later.

 Yup, in my case it had been "dxhelp" or "dxinfo", that I'd been running
to see what windows programs should think I had installed (as Total
Annihilation had been complaining that the versions on the CD would
be more up to date or something). But it took me something like 6 hours
or more to notice these were still running!

> >  I'd be suprised if many newbies could work that out. It took
> > me most of the day. I'm not saying wine should change the way
> > it works there, but that bit of advice should be made clearer
> > IMO.
> How do you suggest making it clearer? A paragraph in the docs?

 Hmm, that *sounds* like irony as in "It's already in the docs". Well if
it is, I couldn't see it. And I'm sure I didn't see it in the FAQ. Or
in that "Bugs" section of the docs, which'd be a useful place to put it.

 Other than that, hell, I don't know. But it happened to me, I'm sure it'll
happen to others, and I had no clue that it would be something to watch
out for.

  Tom Barnes-Lawrence (signing off from the list now)

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