Attempting to run IE6 under Wine on Redhat 9

Paul Older paulo at
Mon Jul 7 16:59:37 CDT 2003


I have not used Wine before but I am very much hoping to get IE6 running under Redhat 9.

I am using a dual boot Sony Vaio laptop which, after my tampering, is about 50/50 Windows XP and Redhat 9.

I have a FAT32 partition which is shared by both OS's.

I am given hope that it may be possible to get IE6 working to some extent by the following page:

Under XP I copied the IE6 exe to the shared partition and then rebooted into Linux.

Is this the general idea, rather than trying to "setup" IE in some way?

I then ran:

	LD_ASSUME_KERNEL=2.2.5 wine /shared/iexplore.exe

and am given the following error:

	err:module:import_dll Module (file) SHLWAPI.dll (which is needed by Z:\iexplore.exe) not found.

Is anyone able to give me any pointers on resolving this.

I have included my filtered Wine config at the end of this mail.

The reason for wishing to run Internet Explorer is because as a web developer I wish to test my output in main stream browsers.

A locate for the offending DLL gives the following:

$ locate shlwapi.dll

Also is there a way to search the winehq mail archives other than via google? I have found the archives ( but given that they are not compressed into one large downloadable file I am not sure of the best way to search them.  

Thanks for your time,


my Wine Config:

[Drive C]
"Path" = "/home/paulo/.wine/c_drive"
"Type" = "hd"
"Label" = "MS-DOS"
"Filesystem" = "win95"
[Drive D]
"Path" = "/mnt/cdrom"
"Type" = "cdrom"
"Label" = "CD-Rom"
"Filesystem" = "win95"
"Device" = "/dev/cdrom"
[Drive Z]
"Path" = "/shared"
"Type" = "hd"
"Label" = "shared"
"Filesystem" = "vfat"
"Windows" = "c:\\windows"
"System" = "c:\\windows\\system"
"Temp" = "c:\\"
"Path" = "c:\\windows;c:\\windows\\system;"
"Profile" = "c:\\windows\\Profiles\\Administrator"
"GraphicsDriver" = "x11drv"
"ShellLinker" = "wineshelllink"
# [wineconf]
"oleaut32"     = "builtin, native"
"ole32"        = "builtin, native"
"commdlg"      = "builtin, native"
"comdlg32"     = "builtin, native"
"shell"        = "builtin, native"
"shell32"      = "builtin, native"
"shfolder"     = "builtin, native"
"shlwapi"      = "builtin, native"
"shdocvw"      = "builtin, native"
"advapi32"     = "builtin, native"
"msvcrt"       = "native, builtin"
"mciavi.drv"   = "native, builtin"
"mcianim.drv"  = "native, builtin"
"*" = "builtin, native"
"AllocSystemColors" = "100"
"PrivateColorMap" = "N"
"PerfectGraphics" = "N"
"Managed" = "Y"
"UseDGA" = "Y"
"UseXShm" = "Y"
"UseXVidMode" = "Y"
"UseTakeFocus" = "Y"
"DXGrab" = "N"
"DesktopDoubleBuffered" = "N"
"TextCP" = "0"
"Resolution" = "96"
"Default" = "-adobe-helvetica-"
"DefaultFixed" = "fixed"
"DefaultSerif" = "-adobe-times-"
"DefaultSansSerif" = "-adobe-helvetica-"
"Com1" = "/dev/ttyS0"
"Com2" = "/dev/ttyS1"
"Com3" = "/dev/ttyS2"
"Com4" = "/dev/modem"
"Lpt1" = "/dev/lp0"
"FILE:" = ""
"LPT1:" = "|lpr"
"LPT2:" = "|gs -sDEVICE=bj200 -sOutputFile=/tmp/fred -q -"
"LPT3:" = "/dev/lp3"
"LoadGlobalRegistryFiles" = "Y"
"LoadHomeRegistryFiles" = "Y"
"LoadWindowsRegistryFiles" = "Y"
"WritetoHomeRegistryFiles" = "Y"
"SaveOnlyUpdatedKeys" = "Y"
"WineLook" = "Win95"
"ClearAllSelections" = "0"
"PersistentSelection" = "1"
"1" = "/usr/share/ghostscript/fonts"
"2" = "/usr/share/a2ps/afm"
"3" = "/usr/share/enscript"
"4" = "/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/Type1"
"Drivers" = "wineoss.drv"      ; default for most common configurations
"WaveMapper" = "msacm.drv"
"MidiMapper" = "midimap.drv"
"Desktop" = "640x480"
"Desktop" = "640x480"
"Desktop" = "640x480"
"Desktop" = "640x480"
"Desktop" = "640x480"
"shlwapi" = "native"
"rpcrt4" = "native"
"ole32" = "native"
"shdocvw" = "native"
"wininet" = "native"
"shfolder" = "native"
"shell32" = "native"
"shell" = "native"
"comctl32" = "native"
# [/wineconf]

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