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Tue Jul 8 14:20:54 CDT 2003

I presently don't know much about wine but I would appreciate knowlegeable persons reading the following description and telling me if wine might potentially solve my problem.

I work for a large manufacturing company that uses a distributed control system to operate process equipment. The company that makes the control system provides a C programming library that is used to programmatically read process information such as temperatures, pressures, flow rates, etc. The library runs on standard computer hardware and communicates via ethernet. The library is currently available in Unix and Windows versions. However due to "lack of customer demand" the company is eliminating the Unix version. 

I am wondering if wine could be used together with the Windows version of the programming library in such a way that programs can be developed and run on Linux. Since the library has no user interface, there are no concerns such a GUI interaction. The library consists of a set of C functions that enable connection to the distributed control system and functions to read process data. 

Ideally I would be able to install wine and then install the Windows programming library. I would then be able to create C programs that retrieve process information via the programming library. 

Thank you in advance for any thoughts or comments on this issue.


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