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Fri Jul 11 02:18:21 CDT 2003

Hi Julian,

I'm afraid the reason that Wine cannot run the driver is not only Wine's 
inability to directly access the kernel. Drivers in Windows use a 
different set of APIs to run. As such, trying to run the driver under 
Wine will not work, as Wine doesn't even have the proper runtime linking 
and libraries needed to load the driver.

I'm not sure about an "strace" like tool for Windows drivers, but the 
only debugger I know that works on drivers is called "SoftIce", and is a 
commercial proprietary software.


Julian Graham wrote:

> Forgive me if this has an obvious answer, but I'm fairly new to Wine:
> I've got a graphics card with a Windows-only driver.  I know that 
> Wine, living in userspace as it does, doesn't have access to the 
> underlying hardware, but would it be at all possible to use Wine as a 
> debugger?  That is, to look at the data the driver's trying to send to 
> the hardware, even if it can't make it there?
> Thanks,
> Julian

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