latest wine and IE ??

Robert Shearman R.J.Shearman at
Fri Jul 11 18:10:56 CDT 2003

> All,
> I am trying to run IE and Outlook under wine. They both error on an
> inimplemented function 101 on a shdocvw.dll.

shdocvw.dll *is* IE (and the IE component used in Outlook). Hence, in order
to use IE, you need to set Wine to use the native version of this file.
Plans are in place to replace the functionality of IE, but this is quite a
way off at the moment.

> Will the windows version of this dll work??

Yes. Try copying the file and running with either the option "--dll
shdocvw=n" or edit your config file.

> Do IE and/or Outlook now work under wine??


> Thanks,
> Dan


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