Windows Installer version

michael at michael at
Tue Jul 15 17:42:21 CDT 2003

AutoCAD 2002 is rumored to quasi-install thru Wine (on
Redhat9)...that is it should do part of the process,
fail, then I can bring over the files from a windows
install.  However, it gives me an error when launching
setup that my Windows Installer version is too old, and
I need to update it.  How do I do this on Wine?

So I thought I would install AutoCAD r14
instead...supposed to be easier (it actually installs).
 But it launches setup, goes to 99% and then freezes. 
After a minute or two the window disappears.  In the
terminal I launched wine from, it returns this error:

X error of failed request: BadMatch (invalid parameter
Major opcode of failed request: 12 (x-ConfigureWindow)
Serial number of failed request: 93
Current serial number in output stream: 98

What in the world does that mean, and how do I get
around it? 


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