Dreamweaver MX

rainplanet at gmx.net rainplanet at gmx.net
Wed Jul 16 04:42:10 CDT 2003

Hi... I have Red Hat 9 installed on my PC. I just installed Wine version:

The installation was successful. Then I tried to install Dreamweaver MX
on it with no success. At fist it said that I need stdole32.tlb. I copied
that file to the fake_windows_system directory. When I tried to install
it again, the installation process move a bit further but again I faced
an error.

I read in some online discussion that I need to install dcom95.exe first
before I could install Dreamweaver MX on Wine but when I tried to install
dcom95.exe it said that the newer version of dcom95 is already installed
and I need to reinstall it first before I could install dcom95.exe.

My question is: How could I uninstall the newer version of dcom95?

Or even better, how could I install Dreamweaver MX on Wine? Is there
anybody here have installed it successfully? Please share the tricks.

The error message dialog box I faced is:
Error number 0x80040706
Desc: Object reference not set.


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