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Sylvain Petreolle spetreolle at
Wed Jul 16 12:17:39 CDT 2003

could you say where you downloaded it ?
using mozilla here to download the IE installer shows automatically the
window that say its installed.

> The Macromedia's flash installer didn't worked here for me because I 
> have no IE installed. The "alternate" installer requires Netscape or
> some kind of browser to be installed. But it seems that registering
> the activeX component with regsvr32.exe should be correct.
the netscape installer seems to work here, but it doesnt create the
needed registry values.

> I now noticed that everything works, just playing won't work. I can
> see in the "Movie Info" dialog that the plugin was able to detect the
> movie size (width, height), frame rate, and even the version of the
> macromedia flash plugin that is installed ("6"). So it seems to me 
> that the communication with flash is working, just showing the
> movie isn't.
> Here the application installed correctly in "C:\Program Files\
> GlobFX Technologies\Swiff Player\" as SWFPlayer.exe. 
For me it gives C:\Program Files\ by default.
> Does your SWFPlayer.exe start and is it able to open some .swf 
> file and show the info in the File->Movie Information dialog?

Yes, but only if I register flash manually.
I didnt do a extensive research, but it seems it didnt install the

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