What's the problem with the winelib dll generated by winemaker.

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Wed Jul 23 12:10:54 CDT 2003

Hello everyone,
I built a ping.dll.so from windows source codes using winemaker, (these source codes works under MS visual studio, also windows version dll works find under wine.)I did in this way:
1) put all the windows version source files-pingdll.h,pingdll.c,pingdll.dll,pingdll.dsp in one directory;
2) %winemaker --lower-uppercase .
3) %./configure --with-wine-includes=/usr/local/include/wine/windows
4) %make
Aftter ping.dll.so is generated, I put it under /usr/local/bin/wine/ , also change my wine config (.wine/config) by adding "pingdll"  =  "builtin, native";
When I run my application under wine:
%wine ./ping.exe  (pingdll work for ping.exe)
the program terminates...
when I use winedbg to run it, there's error message shown there:
No debug information in 32bit DLL 'C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\PINGDLL.DLL' (0x40ae0000)
*** Invalid address 0x400016fc8 (_end+ox401587c)
No debug information in ELF '/usr/local/lib/wine/pingdll.dll.so' (0x40ada000)
Invalid address for breakpoint 1, disabling it
Invalid address for breakpoint 2, disabling it
Process of pid=0000000a has terminated

I used Redhat 9.0 and wine-2003-06-18, 
Could one one help me out of this?  thank you very much.

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