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david david at
Thu Jul 24 05:24:18 CDT 2003

Thanks guys.

The putting quotes around the fireworks 4.exe worked.

Making a short cut to my home directory did not work, however.


> I cannot open fireworks 4 using wine - wine Fireworks 4.exe
> I have noticed this with linux, that if there is a space -like there is 
> between the word fireworks and the numeral 4 - linux wont proceed.
> Is there a way around this?

This is a UNIX thing. Since a space separates arguments to a command -
	"cp fileone file2 destination"
for example, you need to quote the command, eg
	wine "Fireworks 4.exe"
Also make sure the case is right (under UNIX, FireWorks.exe,
FIREWORKS.exe, Fireworks.exe, FIREWORKS.EXE etc are all different files)
and if you need to specify the full path (
	"/mnt/windows/Program Files/FireWorks/FIREWORKS 4.EXE"
) for example.

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