Visual FoxPro problems using JPEG

Duane Clark dclark at
Thu Jul 24 13:14:48 CDT 2003

Dany Wulkan wrote:
> I've been using wine for a few days only and I've succeded to run my 
> application writen in VFP 6.0 as well. By now, the only problem I am 
> experiencing is that I can't use JPEG pictures only bitmapped files are 
> accepted.
> First I've got an error message talking about msvcrt, then I've copied 
> that file to system folder.

Where did you get the msvcrt?

> Next the problem was "segmentation fault" !!!

Did you set, in your ~/.wine/config file:

"oleaut32"     = "native"
"odbc32"        = "native"

"Windows" = "nt40"

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