[OT] MSN via wine ( was Wine and XP )

Adam Ingerman OZ_Prophet at austarnet.com.au
Thu Jul 31 16:10:17 CDT 2003

I have gaim installed and running at the same time. I know I could use just 
gaim and not aMSN, but seeing as how I like aMSN a lot more, it wont happen. 
more to the point, I'm not too fond of gaim. it's a bit too insistant on 
logging on for my tastes(leave it a while after logging off and it tries to 
autologin again? no, only autologin on load or when I hit the auto login) 
which is a pain with time limited dialup... it you don't kill gaim or go to 
acocunts and remove the auto from everything, it'll keep popping up with 
errors about how it can't connect.
plus gaim has crashed more than aMSN
and that gaim doesn't have its icons, which I know is my fault for not setting 
it up, but since I saw kopete, I'm gonna get that soon, and hassling with 
gaim is low on my priority list. but it's there for the people I talk to who 
use ICQ AIM or Y!IM

on the webTV issue, no, I'm not aware of talking to anyone on webtv, but I'm 
not aware of anything like that existing around here anyway(yes, I do know 
what it is)

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